Add Comments to the Job Definition

The Job Definition uses JSON as a data interchange format. JSON is relatively easy to process and easy to understand by humans. But it has one flaw: Commenting is not part of the standard.

On the other hand, Lua (our scripting language of choice) provides commenting functionality. Since the JobDescriptor heavily relies on Lua, it becomes possible to add comments to the Job Definition (rows 4 and 9):

"Legs": [
     "Name": "short_call",
     "Qty": "-1 -- Negative: I always wanted to try shorting options ;)",
     "ExpirationName": "160dte",
     "StrikeSelector": {
       "Min": 5,
       "Max": 15,
       "Delta": "10 -- I love number 10"
     "OptionType": "Call"
   }, …