Script Engine

The Script Engine in MesoSim allows describing complex conditions and calculating expressions using the Lua programming language.

You can find extensive documentation of the language syntax in the official Lua manual.

Below is a brief overview of the most commonly used operators you might find helpful when building expressions.

Arithmetic operations

  • +: addition
  • -: subtraction
  • *: multiplication
  • /: float division
  • //: floor division
  • %: modulo
  • ^: exponentiation
  • -: unary minus

Logical operations

Logical operators evaluate to true or false. Note that nil evaluates to false in logical operations.

  • and: true if both operands evaluate to true, false otherwise
  • or: true if at least one operand evaluates to true, false otherwise
  • not: negate the input (true → false, false → true)


MesoSim exposes the following functions, which can be used in expressions:

  • abs
  • min
  • max
  • random
  • sqrt
  • pow
  • log
  • ceil
  • floor

Using the functions can be done using the generic Lua notation of function calls, e.g.: